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A novel inspired by a true story from Nottingham

"A heart-rending story of love and agony, of triumph and tragedy. Ana walks you through the dark alleys of her life, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel for anyone that strives to reach it. An engrossing read, a page-turner, this is a beautiful novel that will touch your spirit and leave you transcended."

Baisakhi Saha, international TEDx speaker and author of Life is Abracadabra

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Meet Ana, a woman from Nottingham, England, who grew up suffering negligence, abuse, and hardship in every sense of the word. A trauma survivor who yearned to find freedom and love, Ana scours her world for an anchor to cling to and a path to lead her out of turmoil. Searching for meaning in life, she seeks to overcome the darkness and dispel the shadows that surround her. But as happens when we realise that it is up to each of us to save ourselves, Ana discovers she must dig deep to face the wounds of her past.

Courageous and fiercely independent, Ana shares every wrong-turn and crippling mistake, her pain, her anguish, and spiritual reflections with her reader, whilst portraying a universal truth with grace: no matter how hard life can get, with love in our hearts, we can find the strength to rise up from even the most challenging experiences.

With Foreword by JAMES REDFIELD, New York Times #1 Best-Selling Author of 'The Celestine Prophecy'.

ANA is now available to purchase on Amazon sites internationally, to get your copy, you can order directly from via the link below, or find ANA on your local amazon marketplace:


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