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Balancing Virtual, Physical, and Spiritual Life

To make a sweeping statement, I think there’s no doubt we all appreciate our smart phones, our tablets, computers, etc, and recogn

ise the crucial role the online world is playing within our evolution. With an internet connection, we need never be alone, and any information we require is available within seconds. This infrastructure enables us to connect with others, share our thoughts and photos instantly, and see the smiles of those we miss. However, there’s one thing, I believe, that’s key to remember as we make use of the technology we’re so fond of, and that’s to ensure we balance how we spend our time.

Don’t you find it a little sad to walk into a room and see everyone gazing down at their phones? Yes, it’s nice to interact online, but by constantly looking down, we must be careful we’re not letting the physical life (and the wondrous synchronicities that can arrive during the day) pass us by.

How many times have we heard of people meeting strangers, Synchronicity popping out of nowhere and delivering the exact words they needed to hear? Synchronicity really does work in this magical way, and whilst, yes, you can research everything online, often, there’s information you don’t even realise you’re missing – so you can’t type words into a search engine to trigger its release.

Look out, look out, wherever you are…

When we look at a screen, strangers are highly unlikely to disturb us, for the phone acts as a barrier between us and our immediate surroundings. There are so many opportunities for conscious conversation just awaiting our participation, that we must make sure we balance looking online, with looking out at what (and who) is right in front of us.

This healthy balance also applies to our home-life, maybe even more pertinently than anywhere else. How common is it nowadays for families to return from school and work, and the kids watch cartoons while the adults check their virtual notifications? Whilst again, there’s nothing wrong with watching cartoons, nor participating online, balance is critical. Many of us are concerned by the amount of time our kids spend with screens, but do we apply the same restrictions onto ourselves? When the kids go to bed, do you limit the amount of time you let yourself watch TV or do your thing on your laptop? When we make a screen the focus of our attention, we have again placed a barrier between ourselves and those around us, which can limit the natural flow of conversation.

To have the healthy relationships we spiritually crave, we must balance screen-time with conscious conversation, games, physical and creative activities, and outings in nature as a family. We must nurture our relationships by providing sufficient opportunity to have fun together every single day – not just on a Friday night or on a Sunday once all the chores are done.

Instead of letting your child watch a programme that tells them a story, make sure you’re the one who reads to them – a story told (in my world) always comes with a cuddle, as you snuggle in closely so everyone can see the pictures – and that comfort, that alone time with you, where your kids realise that you are the sole focus of their attention, is more valuable than the story itself could ever be.

When we’re out for dinner with someone, or in a meeting maybe, and their phone dings, it’s currently seen as polite to wait for them to acknowledge whoever’s contacting them, and we pause, anticipating their return to our conversation. However, I’d like to suggest that politeness would really advocate the person only replies if it’s an emergency – otherwise they should wait until after your engagement to get back to the third party. Telling the person you’re with, “That can wait until later,” assures them that they’re the only person you’re interested in speaking to right now, and that you wish to consciously participate in your encounter.

Recognising How We Uplift Our Energy

When we review the Celestine Prophecy, we see there is not one insight which states we should surf the web to look for our answers; all the information our protagonist receives is passed to him directly from others, in person. We may be able to entertain ourselves with a screen, but it’s crucial to remember that only rarely is it possible to elevate your energy through reviewing online content. We can read wise words, or comments which intrigue us, but only by consciously engaging with others, meditating, undertaking creative or artistic activity, or by being in nature, can we truly raise our spirit.

As the online world opens up to us, we must ensure we remain mentally present with those who are around us too. It’s imperative that we dedicate time to our loved ones when there are no screens switched on. Your loved ones are called that because you love them, right? They are the most important people in your life, so make sure you show them that by regularly stepping away from your phone.

Taking dinner together as a family can be one of the most wholesome times of the day, during which you can raise your energy by sharing good food and stories from your day. However, if the TV is on during mealtimes, you can be sure most eyes at the table will be drawn to the screen – so it’s vital that we don’t let technology stand in the way of our relationships, which can naturally, physically, and spiritually give us so much.

There is nothing about the plastic/ manmade devices that we hold so regularly in our hands that is physically good for us – in fact, it’s now coming to light more and more how harmful the signals transmitted from them can actually be! So, as we seek balance, self- regulating the time we spend on line, we must prioritise our actions by ensuring our virtual efforts don’t outweigh the physical.

An Interesting Energy Exercise

Below is a fun way to prove that screens can’t uplift your energy like natural elements can – and you’ll need at least one person to do this with you, so ask your partner or kids to play with you for a moment, and you might just all have a laugh together proving this exercise really works:

What you’ll need: A phone, a glass of water, a dining chair or stool, and a willing volunteer.

  1. Sit upright on the chair, with your feet flat, and have your helper stand behind you.

  2. If you’re right handed, lift your left arm up, so it’s raised straight out to your side, or if you’re left handed, raise your right arm. The palm of your hand should face down, and your hand will be in line with your shoulder.

  3. Ask your helper to put the palms of their hands on your arm, so one hand is in-between your wrist and your elbow, and the other is in-between your elbow and your shoulder.

  4. Now, ask them to try to push your arm down, while you try to resist against them. You should focus your energy, making every effort to keep your arm up.

  5. After 5-10 seconds, assess how easy it was for them to push your arm down.

  6. With that exercise complete, now take your phone and hold it in your dominant hand.

  7. Lift your other arm (not holding the phone) out to your side, just as before.

  8. Focus all your energy onto your phone, then ask your helper once again to try to push your arm down. Resist as much as you can.

  9. Compare how much energy your helper had to put in to lower your arm. Did you see any difference?

  10. Now put your phone down and take the glass of water into your dominant hand.

  11. Raise your other arm out to your side once again, and focus your mind completely on the water in the glass. Take a moment to connect with the water, then ask your helper once again to try to push your arm down. Resist them.

  12. What difference did you find? At this point you may wish to swap over and let your helper experience the exercise for themselves.

I’ve done this exercise dozens of times, and I’m yet to meet anyone who was physically stronger when they focused on the phone. So, whilst this is provided as a bit of fun, the moral here is key: mobile phones do not physically give us strength. So let’s move forward, ensuring we take time to step back from the phone, and give our attention to the physical, spiritual, miracle universe and loving souls that await us.

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