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Can Love Really Change The World?

If we think of Life as an ocean, and ourselves as water particles existing within it, I think it’s easy to imagine how we are all actually one. The energy of Life carries us along; sometimes it’s rough with us, sometimes it’s soothingly calm – at times, we’ll get pulled down by undercurrents into complete darkness, and at others, we will be the crest of the wave glistening in the sun.

Life is dangerous, beautiful, and its energy can change in an instant when a storm blows in. Whilst some parts of the ocean will be more volatile than others, we can appreciate how the energy of the tide eventually ripples through, gradually bearing impact on the total sum. As human beings we may, at times, feel our own actions are insignificant. But when we imagine the Ripple Effect, we know that with every life we touch, and every energy exchange we manifest, we contribute to the energy of the Collective Human Soul.

No matter whether our energy is positive or negative, our conversation complimentary or derogatory, the energy that we expel will flow out to more people than those we encounter first-hand. For example, if we start an argument with our partner before work, we may go to work in a bad mood, we may be short with others when we should show patience – and the people we’re curt with will react to the energy which originally stemmed from you and your partner. As other people’s energy is destabilised, this continues into their encounters with others, and so on…

When we watch other species who we share the Earth with, we can wonder at how flocks of birds and shoals of fish can move together as one – they seem to think as a group and each know the movements they must gracefully make to stay within their flow.  And as we observe the human race, although our movements appear scattered and autonomous, I believe through evolved Consciousness, there is a desire to simply, peacefully ‘Be’, as part of the Human Collective.

Through watching the mainstream News, it would appear on the surface that our modern societies know nothing of harmoniously gliding through the currents as peaceful beings. But I would like to proffer that in addition to bearing collective witness to all the craziness that is out there, the generations alive today are capable of being the most caring and thoughtful version of our species that has ever existed.  

Yes, Humanity has made countless mistakes, and yes, there are an untold number of problems that we must fix in order to live in balance with nature – and these are problems we must address quickly.  But as James Redfield documented in the Celestine Prophecy, all that is needed to swing the pendulum towards Enlightenment is a Critical Mass of people who are willing to uphold ethical, Spiritual values, and this whole planet will change. And this change will occur due to the Ripple Effect, because positive behaviour leads to positive behaviour, smiles are contagious, and the core energy of Love is stronger than Fear.

When we journey down the rabbit hole – choosing ‘The Red Pill’ to dissolve the matrix – we look at the influencing forces which negatively impact the energy of humanity, and it becomes clear that fear and control is the problem.

But every known experience except this present moment is in the past, and just like every other trying time Humanity has endured, this problem too will pass. Collectively we embody all the hardship our species has ever journeyed through, and the energy that each of our ancestors gave has brought us to where we are now.  We are not the cause of the problems as we stand today, but rather we are the effect of every decision that has ever been made.

Whilst we can see that there are groups of people who control because of fear and the lure of power, we must remember that the majority of us are just ordinary people who wish to know peace, happiness, and Love. When we remember the theory of The Critical Mass in The Celestine Prophecy, we need look no further than an internet search engine to find an incredible number of enlightened souls who are seeking to change the world for the better.  

As we start watching for people who embody Spiritual principles, we find they are everywhere. And in independent industries, artists and entrepreneurs are speeding forward with their plans to deliver services that are beneficial to the Collective Human Soul and the Earth in its entirety.  Singers are vocalising beautiful sentiments encouraging the Conscious Evolution, directors are creating documentaries about it, writers are putting those same emotions into books, and hairdressers are talking to their clients about Spirituality whilst they colour their hair. Enlightenment is simply surging, it’s glowing, and more and more people every day are waking up to this flow and feeling positively energised by it.

Change is the only constant that we can rely upon, and as every day brings new circumstances, we must ensure that as believers in the Celestine Vision, we consciously uphold the vision for world peace and do everything we can to manifest it. Whether this means cooking healthy meals for our families or marching against corruption, we all have our part to play as we move forward and nurture our species and our planet.

Whilst there are some dominant humans who seek to control the behaviour of our shoal, we must recognise that we are not just individuals, we are members of a whole. And when we pool our energy for the greater good, our individual actions combine to form a magnificent force.

As we learn from the Celestine Insights, to counter a control drama, all we simply need to do is to give energy and name the game, and once the control drama is out in the open, its power ceases to dominate. But we must always do so in a loving manner, because if we go into hate or anger, those in fear react by hardening their position and fighting back with amplified energy. Love dissolves anger and raises the consciousness of everyone concerned.

Peace is within our reach, our planet is crying out for it, and it is our birthright. So, to achieve it, we must embody it, and through holding our own candle in the dark, we will find each other. And together, we will hold each other’s hands and pull each other out of the shadows that humanity has known for far too long.

God knows we need positive change right now, but together we endure, and when we collectively embody the change we want to see, the change we desire will come. It can’t help but come, because Love is the strongest force known to man, and we know our actions and energy ripple out much further than we can see.

By tuning into the Source of Divine Love, we can shine as beacons of light in these trying times, and as this energy is emitted from millions of bodies all over the world, it will carry the Collective Soul to a higher vibrational level uplifting Humanity and raising us all to the crest of the wave.

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