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Contemplating The Meaning Of Life

Why do we exist?

I believe this is the most important question that we can answer during life. And whilst I’m convinced the Meaning of Life is something that has been known previously by ancient civilisations, it feels clear to me that over the centuries, we’ve collectively lost our focus and forgotten the true nature of our being. This uncertainty has destabilised our societies in many ways for many generations, but as the wave of enlightenment arrives to uplift more and more people every day, we are gradually starting to find our way home.  

Soothing The Restlessness

As a band-aid to this traumatic state of unknowing, millions of us are guilty of using crutches to lift us up when we feel lacking in our lust for life. And as unhealthy as these crutches are, there’s something about them that temporarily makes us feel better. They elevate our vibration in some way, so we continue to use them to our own detriment. That’s how severe our disconnection is: We do things that are bad for us in the long-term, just so we can feel better in the short-term…

I have no problem telling you that I’ve taken recreational drugs in the past, and whilst this is nothing I’m proud of, I refuse to shy away from an issue that’s at the stage of global pandemic status and yet, still somewhat taboo within our societies. Out there today, millions self-medicate with recreational drugs as a cure to the Restlessness James Redfield describes in the First Celestine Insight, and this is something that shouldn’t be ignored or swept under the carpet.

For me, the draw of the illegal substances I took was that they generally provided temporary, soothing respite to the stressful condition we know as the rat-race. They offered me a temporary gateway to a higher level of positive, loving, and creative energy that I struggled to trigger naturally during the week. Always managing to press forward in my career, I let my hair down when the weekend came, and enjoyed the brief connection drugs would give me to a higher vibrational level. Never truly knowing what was in the substances I took, I literally gambled my own life, regularly wagering my entire existence in exchange for a few hours at a higher frequency.

In my twenties, I’d often go to bed in the early hours of the morning, high as a kite, and float in and out of thoughts, whilst my mind contemplated Spirituality with wonder. And in that state, the vibrational level I existed at seemed to provide a perspective from which I could clearly appreciate that I was Soul Energy encased only temporarily inside a human body. My mind felt like it had been flung wide open, and when I closed my eyes, visions seemed to come through my third eye. At times, I’d feel as if I’d just cracked the Meaning of Life.

In this drugged state, I seemed to be able to comprehend the true nature of Life. And just for a few short moments, my vision was clear, life was incredible, and I felt I understood my place in the Universe… But then, when I tried to process what I’d grasped, the ideas would drift away from me and I’d struggle to retain them. The Meaning Of Life was like water slipping through my fingers – I so desperately wanted to hold on to it, but the ability to keep those thoughts at the forefront of my consciousness eluded me… The moment past, I’d then gradually tumble back down into a groggy state where my body must recover from the false high I’d induced – for what goes up dramatically, must come down with the same intensity – and once again the true meaning of life escaped me. Yet, having experienced these moments of clarity, I felt inspired that the understandings that I yearned for could be within my grasp, but they were just temporarily out of reach as I delved within my inner psyche.

Finding A Natural Trigger

As my journey continued, I researched Spirituality with vigour, trying to quench the thirst for spiritual understanding that had always existed at my core. Knowing that I no longer wanted to keep repeating a pattern that was dangerously unhealthy for my body, I gradually came to the conclusion that instead of using drugs, I should be seeking to use spiritual insights to find enlightenment and higher vibrational levels naturally.

Through reading James Redfield’s work, along with many spiritual books, studying Numerology, and practising meditation, I believe now that I have naturally caught hold of the Meaning of Life. And this time, it’s staying firmly put inside my mind. I feel I finally understand why we’re here, why the world is as it is, and where my efforts are best placed in this point in time to best serve human evolution.

Over the years, I’ve encountered numerous spirits who have proved to me that there is life after death. And once we accept that our energy continues, contemplating that there’s a significant chance we’ll incarnate here again in the future, we focus not just on this life, but also where we’ll go next. Once our mind is open in this way, we start to live striving to work through our personal issues, balancing out any hurt we may have caused others. And by focusing on the positive learnings that come out of negative situations, we strengthen our spiritual assets as we continue in our soul journey.

Life Offers Us Soul Progression

Through understanding Karma and the Karmic Corrections, Numerology teaches us we can appreciate how we might have brought problems into this life with us, and that Life will try to teach us this time around, so that our soul may find the light. When we view our existence as a learning opportunity for soul progression, we can work towards the conscious evolution of our species, and the ultimate goal of combining heaven with Earth. For I do believe that heaven can be found right here on our planet, and also that hell can be found here too.

Human life is far from easy. God knows, it can be tough some days. When we struggle to find happiness, we can feel flat, lacking in enthusiasm, and like the journey is too hard to even want to get out of bed. We can lose our vigour, our spirit suffocated by trying times. But this is OK. It’s natural, and it’s part of being human. Everyone has moments where they feel lost, but by cracking the Meaning of Life, and holding on to it, we can ride the waves and keep our heads above the water, no matter what – our spiritual understandings can be our buoyancy aid that will keep us from sinking down into dark undercurrents of despair.

No matter what life throws at us, we take it all as a learning experience, and appreciate that if we go forward with the flow, we will learn all the lessons we are meant to discover. Through connecting to the divine energy through prayer and meditation, we can physically feel the natural high the Source of Creation provides. And we can appreciate how we are made of the same loving energy that radiates through our dimension. When we are balanced in our life, we can engage in the wave of Love, and place ourselves in heaven, right where we are.  

When we consciously join with our Higher Self, our body tingles with delightful energy, the hairs on our arms stand on end, and we know we have tapped into the truth. We are made of love. We are here to love and to learn, to grow and evolve, right up until the point where we will be able to walk through the veil that separates our material world from Shambhala.  

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