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Deconstruct The 'Seven Sins' And Love Your Life

Our species have struggled with the “seven sins,” for longer than the clock has ticked. And it seems to me that these negative behaviours all have two things in common: they are triggered by trauma and rooted in Fear. When something happens that we can’t rationally compute, fear sets in, and it can morph into a “sinful” behaviour with no effort required on our part.

When we embrace Spirituality, we can see that Fear itself is our biggest threat to stability, both on a personal and global scale. When Fear attacks, our whole world shakes, our actions become volatile, and we can easily lose sight of our true strength and mission.

If we think of the seven sins like bacteria which infect a cut, then knowing the make-up of these emotion-driven behaviours can help us to protect ourselves and our energy as we move forward. In the Celestine Prophecy, we discovered Control Dramas and learned how to dissolve them by understanding their nature and ‘Naming the Game.’ By calling out what’s happening, the drama loses its power and enables us to regain balance in our situation. And I believe the seven sins are much like control dramas—when we comprehend how we’ve reached that state and name the game, the sin loses its power and we can begin to move past it and correct our behaviour.

Let’s take a look at each “Sin” and consider how they operate, so that if we’re triggered into a “sinful” state, we may rationally stop ourselves in our tracks, calm ourselves down, and get our feet back on the ground before any negative Karma is triggered. And by remembering that Love is stronger than Fear and placing ourselves in a state of love, we have the power available to us to take down any drama or sin—for Love will always be a rope that can pull us out of turmoil, if we hold on to it strongly enough.


If we feel hurt, lonely, or even simply bored, lust is there to offer a short-term solution that promises an exciting moment to lift us up. However, as there is no love involved, the episode offers no benefit after it’s played out. Lust lures us into a state where we experience false highs, and these highs are actually the energy of Fear, building to a peak of gratification. But once the moment has passed, our vibration drops down to a level that’s lower than the energy we started with. Once our energy is down, we then want to start seeking a lift again, and so lust implants a cyclical pattern of behaviour of seeking euphoria and then losing more energy.


Pride functions by instilling self-doubt. It’s the Fear that you’re not good enough, and that you must prove your worth to others by showing your achievements. “If I do this/ win this/ achieve this, then I can be proud of myself, and others can be proud of me too.” To combat this energy, a strong dose of self-love is required, where we tell ourselves that our achievements don’t make us extra worthy or a better person. Our self-worth must come from an inner state of love, where we know in our heart that we are already ‘good enough’.


Envy operates by causing you to compare yourself to others and urges you to believe they’re having a better life experience than you are—this implants fear and often causes an unstable, judgmental mindset. However, Envy can be overcome by focusing our attention inwards instead of outward. When we’re looking out at others, wishing we had a piece of what they have, we’re focusing externally and feeling tormented. So, as we move our attention to heal ourselves, we must instead focus on our heart space and seek that divine connection. When we compare ourselves to others, we dwell on their success rather than on our own. Yet, if you remember that you need to love yourself to be healthy, then you can assess that no comparison made in which you put yourself down as being less or having less, is ever made with love—it’s made with fear, and it can’t bring you happiness.


Wrath instils the fear in you that you’re losing control of your surroundings and this sends pulses through you that urge you to behave erratically. This can be likened to the Intimidator control drama, where we literally try to scare people into behaving in a way that we desire, and to steal their energy.  Just like all the other sins, wrath too can be overcome with love. If there’s a situation we find difficult to accept, we can be sure that if we can find a way to address the situation with a rational, loving attitude, we will always have more success than if we meet the circumstance with anger and fear—there is always another choice we can make before we allow wrath to consume us. Removing ourselves from a situation and enforcing a time-out will provide time to calm down, and reflect wisely upon our actions before we act. Meditation dissolves anger and can be used as a useful shield when you feel wrath attacking your inner peace.


Sloth transforms fear into a lack of self-belief, it takes away your confidence to succeed, rendering you immobile and unable to contribute as you should. Once your confidence has been shaken, it will take great strength to pull yourself back up, dust yourself off, and re-engage with life. But know that whilst you allow yourself to wallow in sloth’s vibration, your inaction is causing you to miss out on the chance of encountering important synchronicities. You can stay home play video games and order pizza all you want, but the chance of your pizza delivery guy bringing an important synchronicity with them when they knock is incredibly slim. Life may be tough on us at times, but to manifest change, we have to play our hand in the big-wide world. And, although that may seem daunting, action is the only way out, and actions that are made with loving intention will always trigger positive Karma coming your way. It really is that simple, get out there, do some good, and good things will come back to you.


The energy of gluttony is similar to lust and sees us consuming food unhealthily and indulging in it to lift our spirits. Just been dumped? A bucket of ice-cream is there with your name on it, offering comfort. And unfortunately, one spoonful, whilst satisfying our palette, can never heal our pain, so we may take another, and another, and another, until the Ben & Jerry’s is no more… And then maybe as the ice-cream ends, we come back, face to face with our emotions, or we go to the kitchen to see what else we can find. In this case, our gluttony is nothing more than a distraction method, utilised as a temporary mask for our pain.  It may taste amazing, but we all know that the key to inner peace isn’t actually at the bottom of ice-cream tub, right?


Greed instils fear which causes you to doubt that the Earth can provide for you, imploring you to take more than your fair share to ensure your continued comfort. And even once people have achieved extreme wealth, they may still fear they may lose everything, and in turn, they become trapped in a cycle of trying to earn more and more to ensure they remain comfortable and worthy. However, once we embody Love, we know that Happiness, not financial wealth, is the aim of the game. And no matter how many zeros are on the end of our bank balance, if we don’t have happiness, it’s all worthless.

When we focus on the seven sins, we can see that they each consume our energy unhealthily, and if we’re drained, what we really need is a method to raise our spirits, not one that will pull us down further. So, instead of succumbing to Fear and allowing ourselves to fall, we must address our traumas and hurts with love, and allow ourselves the time to heal healthily. We must treat ourselves with respect, rest when we need to rest, and nourish ourselves in ways which build us back up. And, of course, by practicing the behaviours of the Seven Virtues, (Charity, chastity, temperance, diligence, patience, kindness and humility) which are grounded in Love not fear, we can then start really playing with life and watch as Karmic law rewards us in ways we could have never imagined.

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