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Learning From Encounters With Spirits

As I write this, I’m very conscious that if I’d undertaken this activity centuries ago, I would have most likely been hanged or burnt at the stake for the words I’m about to document. I’d have been seen as a witch, a heretic, crazy, and perhaps even a danger to society. But thankfully the year is now 2018, and I find myself in a place where a new age of Spiritual confidence is rippling across humanity, and more and more people are talking openly about their paranormal experiences.

Looking out at our current social climate, it’s clear to me that the Conscious Evolution is happening. And our Spiritual Development isn’t just something that monks sat on top of the Himalayas are experiencing – it’s happening to millions of us every single day.

I’ve personally had encounters with Spirit energies regularly throughout my life, and whilst I was scared of them as a child, and didn’t know what to do about them in the first stage of my life, there have now been so many experiences that I can’t explain with Physics that I’ve got to the point where I can’t put them to one side any longer.

My Testimony

To share with you some of my first-hand experiences, I can testify that: I once saw a ghost manifest in my living room; I’ve smelt the perfume and aftershave of loved ones who’ve passed away; I’ve witnessed objects move for no physical reason; and I’ve regularly sensed the presence of spirits, feeling the air move around me in sealed rooms. I’ve seen terrifying shadow beings float through my bedroom and become paralysed by their dominant energy; and I’ve had white feathers materialise in front of my eyes inside confined spaces.

Twelve years ago, my Grandma was at the point of death, and when her time to depart was only hours away, I sat with her, holding her hand as she lay in her hospital bed. She was saying goodbye to me, and talking only using the past tense, and then suddenly her eyes focused beyond me and I watched as the look of love suffused her entire being – an awe-inspired smile appeared on my face and tears crept into my eyes as she told me my grandad had arrived. When I looked behind me, I saw nothing, but I knew from the surge in her energy that he was indeed there. He’d come to collect her. And I have complete faith that when she died later that evening their loving soul energies were reunited.

Since my grandparents crossed over, I’ve had lucid dreams where I’ve talked with them consciously –  and these incredible conversations we’ve shared always feel like they’re being held in a different dimension to my normal dream-world. And I know many others who say they’ve also talked to their departed loved ones in this alternative dimension.

My most incredible encounter with a spirit occurred last year, two days after my beloved dog, Walter, had had to be euthanised due to cancer. I’d gone to bed and I was struggling to sleep, absolutely consumed with grief – and to understand what happened, you should know that Walter had been a very big dog (a truly gentle giant), who I’d shared a special bond with, and he’d lived his life forever at my side. He’d always slept in my bedroom, and would lie on the floor at the side of me, but frequently he’d put his chin on the mattress, and stand there waiting for me to pat the bed and tell him that he could jump up to lie in the curl of my legs.

So, that night last year, I’d gone to bed, and my eyes were refusing to stay shut – I’d begun to think sleep would be impossible – and then I magically felt the weight of Walter’s chin fall upon my duvet. In shock, I sat up and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that his spirit had materialised and Walter was standing at the foot of my bed, waiting for me to invite him up. With tears quickly pooling in my eyes, I patted the bed and told him he could come up. And as he climbed onto my bed, it astonished me as I felt the weight of his body lie down by my feet. And I’m looking at him, trying to process my reality, thinking that I know that he’s dead.. and as I reached out to touch him, my tears started to fall rapidly – I was so fearful that my hand would pass straight through him,  because I knew his body didn’t exist anymore.  

However, when my fingers reached his beautiful face, I couldn’t have felt more blessed than in that moment when I discovered he didn’t disappear, but rather found I was wondrously able to hug him. I fell asleep with my head resting on Walter’s side, both of us curled up together at the bottom of my bed. Then, when I woke up the next morning, he’d gone, but I knew that he was OK. And that gaping hole that had appeared in my being from losing him was soothed.

What do I take from all this?

Well, quite simply I have learned that there is life after death. I have all the personal proof I need to know this – I no longer have to believe it – we are indeed spiritual beings encased within bodies. And as I know we endure post death, I know I don’t need to fear it. With this concept in mind, I am given the opportunity to truly address the issue of why we are here, Now, and in my opinion, we take human form to learn and develop as souls.

When you believe your soul continues past death and accept that you may well reincarnate, you don’t just consider this life, but also start contemplating your next – knowing that you must resolve everything you’ve encountered to prevent carrying forward any Karma into the future. When we look at the Big Picture, considering how we got here, and envision the peaceful direction we pray humanity will take, we realise that we each have Personal Missions to deliver as our contribution to Evolution.

We are the epitome of Creation, each significantly important, and we each bear impact on the Earth. So, we must look at which piece of the puzzle we are here to help create, and then, in identifying our mission, ensure we keep focus and diligently pour energy into achieving our goals. Sometimes, we may find our mission changes somewhere along our path, but if we’re watching for Synchronicities and are open to the magic of the Divine Energy Flow, we know that change is OK. If we recognise that everything that happens offers us an experience to grow, we can look for the silver lining in every situation, and know that even hard times provide us with spiritual progress.

I believe that when we hear spiritual truths spoken, we get goose-bumps or ‘truth-bumps’, because the information we receive resonates deeply within us and triggers a rise in the frequency of our spiritual energy. We momentarily, literally, vibrate at a higher level, and this is enjoyable. If we are to live life giving each day our best shot, the vibrational level we exist at is something we should be fully conscious of at all times – at worst, if only to try to tame the potential dramas awaiting a decline in our energy, or at best, to get high off life.

What reduces our Vibrational Frequency?  The interactions we have with others, the foods we eat, our thought-patterns, the activities we perform – and on the flip side, these are also the exact same stimuli which can increase our spiritual energy.

So, what do we do next?  

We take comfort in the fact that there is more, and that the veil that separates our dimension from the spiritual realm can be crossed, just as James Redfield ventures in his Celestine Insights. As spiritual beings, we ground ourselves into the Present Moment and nurture the Collective Human Soul by acting with kindness every day, even to those who show us animosity. We always seek to centre ourselves in a place of love, simply because it is the most enjoyable place to be. We show compassion to all living things, knowing that if we don’t, Karma will ensure that we are taught to right our wrongs either in this life or the next, so that we may understand how we have hurt others. And we live striving to be of service to others, finding outlets through which we can embody enthusiasm and consciously raise the vibrational frequency of everyone we interact with.

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