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Love Yourself: You’re a Big Deal!

When our self-worth is knocked, it can be so hard to recover from. Often the words of others can hurt us deeply and we may recoil into our shell, using distance as a protective barrier to avoid being hurt again.  Sometimes events may occur, where our actions turn out to be mistakes we never saw coming; we unintentionally hurt people, and intense circumstances may leave you wondering how you arrived at the situation you are in.  But, of course, making mistakes is nothing more than natural human behaviour, and it’s how you recover from them that’s important in the long run – the learning and spiritual growth that takes place – not the mistake itself.

Whilst loving others is easy, loving ourselves may be the hardest thing. 

The saying, “you must love yourself before you can love anyone else” is well coined, and at the same time, it can be an incredibly hard notion to comprehend by those who struggle to like themselves deep down. In their minds, they know love and feel love intensely when they think of their family or friends, and in turn, this saying may be frequently dismissed. The essence of this notion lies in that if you don’t love yourself, the love that you offer to the world isn’t as healthy as it could be. You project a thought-track into the world that you are a being who is unworthy of love – and if you can’t find a reason to love yourself, why should anyone else bother to find one?

Where there is emptiness inside from a lack of self love, the veil must come off the feelings that you trap inside, and the hurt that lies below must be allowed to heal; done so, through showing compassion to yourself. When these feelings are acknowledged, accepted, and met with a big internal hug, you realise there is no emptiness in the soul at all – there instead lies inside a core filled with peace and positive intention. When you’re able to allow love to flow within freely within you, without any guarded barriers of self doubt limiting its energy, you find that you’re truly able to be a vessel of divine connection – you will shine with love as there is nothing standing in its way – and the love you offer others will be a much brighter frequency than your energetic capabilities before.

As we’re learning more everyday about how we manifest our own reality, and comprehending how our thoughts exist as waves of energy that radiate from our being, there has never been a more important time to quash the elements of self-doubt and self-loathing. It is imperative to your health and those around you that you realise just how important and special you really are.  As The Celestine Prophecy confirms to us that everything happens for a reason, we must take strength from this, knowing that although some lessons are taught to us harshly, there is always vital spiritual learning to be taken from every situation.

Some may find the notion of self-love crude, falsely misinterpreting the emotion as arrogance; but, knowing you’re special has nothing to do with narcissism or greed. Self-love is a beautiful place we can all reside without vanity raising its head. Self-love assures us that everyone makes mistakes, and that no one can ever be unworthy of love – they just need to step out of the dark shadows of doubt and into the light that love truly presents.

You are both worthy and lovable!

“Not me,” you might say, “I’m a nothing person”- and this is where you truly must stop beating yourself up and start acting like your own friend. Become the observer of your situation and imagine a friend telling you that they feel like you do – can you ever imagine saying to another human being that they’re not important?  No matter what you’ve experienced that (in your mind) warrants your dislike of yourself, it should be clear to you that the only way out of despair is through love.

Whilst you may believe your actions feel insignificant in the big picture, there is no doubt we are all connected as a species – there is a shared consciousness that we all contribute to, and an action as small as smiling at a stranger in the street may make a huge difference to the person you acknowledge for a few seconds. You can never be certain of what the full impact of your actions will be, but you can be sure that your energy will flow much further than you can directly see. Simply smiling at a stranger may change their mood enough to mean that they don’t have an argument when they get home… By projecting love into the world, rather than self-doubt, we change the flow of energy of the people we interact with. If you were to give that same person you hypothetically smiled at, an apathetic glance instead, their own energy may fall, and when they get home their own drama might seem even worse than it was before – to them, everyone else in the street looks sad too, so it compounds their inner dialogue that’s telling them there is no reason to be happy.

Still need convincing that you’re important?  

Well, let’s reflect on the number of good things you’ve done within your life, the little and big things that have made others smile or given them reason to hug you. How many people have you helped? How many hands have you held? How many tears have you comforted dry? How many times have you told people you love them? How often have you lifted others up with your energy? How many times have you made people laugh? How many things have you diligently ploughed your efforts into that have been of service to others? If you’re an animal lover, what do you think your pets love about you? Is it purely that you give them food that they like? Or rather do they come to you to sit on your lap or at your feet, just to be close to your loving energy?

As human beings, we are all capable of all kinds of things, good, naive, brave or cowardly; at times we may want to run off into the horizon to escape situations, but the one thing you will never be able to hide from is your inner dialogue. Life is too short to waste it beating yourself up, so make the choice to stop right now. Be kind to yourself and anytime a negative thought enters you mind, counter it with a positive affirmation, for example, counter “I really screwed up” with “I’ve learnt from the situation and won’t do that again”. Train your mind to project love on to yourself, only then will you be able to offer others the love of your true self – a love which is not dependent on anyone but is self-sufficient from the inside out.

There is no one on the earth who is better than you are. We are all equal and life is an inclusive game. We each have a special set of knowledge and skills to bring to the world – use your gifts to contribute in the unique way that only you can, and Love yourself. You are worthy!

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