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Receiving White Feathers as a Spiritual Message

I first heard of people receiving white feathers as spiritual messages twelve years ago, and after years of beautiful experiences (which I’m unable to explain with science), I feel I can testify that, yes, we do receive feathers in the most extraordinary circumstances. And, I agree that these feathers are being sent as messages from another dimension. Just after my grandma passed away, my mum was asked by a close friend if she’d received any feathers, and this is how I was introduced to the phenomenon. Unfamiliar with the concept, Mum’s friend had described to her how some people find feathers in significant places, which they interpret as a sign that their loved one has safely transcended. As my mum said she hadn’t noticed any to date, a beautiful, small, white feather floated down and landed by her foot. Now, whilst we can all be cynical and say that it came from a bird and the wind blew it to where she sat outside, as a believer in Synchronicity, this story touched me immediately.

After hearing my mum’s tale, my brother then reported to have found three white feathers in his house when he’d returned home from work a couple of days later. There was no explanation he could see for how they’d gotten there and we all took this as a very comforting sign.

Not a week went by before it was then my turn to find feathers, and when I had to go to my grandma’s house to collect an item, I found myself feeling apprehensive about entering the property. I loved my Gran with all my heart and wanted to receive a sign from her no doubt, but for some reason my nerves elevated way beyond my comfort zone at that point. I felt sure I would find feathers inside, and at 23 years old, I went about my business as quickly as I could. My heart racing, I felt scared by the intense emotions that I was processing. I knew that my Gran wouldn’t want to frighten me, but I could feel her energy so strongly… The item collected, I then felt a strange sense of relief, mixed with disappointment that there’d been no feathers, and I left. My heartbeat steadying, I locked the front door behind me, and then turned around to see three white feathers at my feet.   A few days later, I was visiting a close friend and sat in her city centre apartment recounting my experience. With an interest in Spirituality herself, my friend listened with fascination, then as I described the feathers to her, she leant over to pick something up off the carpet. When she looked up, she asked, ‘Like this?’ And seeing a small, fluffy feather in her hand, I agreed, ‘Yes, just like that!’

In the twenty seconds that followed, we went on to pick up another five feathers from the floor in her lounge, scattered around the area where we sat. Gobsmacked, as we kept spotting them, my friend assured me that she’d vacuumed only hours before and didn’t have feather cushions, which I knew to be true. We found six in total and concluded that was three each, which corresponded to the numbers both me and my brother had previously found.

Now, all the instances I’ve listed above were just the beginning of my experiences with feathers, and I could fill pages here telling you about the times I’ve received them since. But instead, I’ll tell you of just one other time, which I will never forget.

Starting out on my writing career, I embarked on my first research trip several years ago, and I was reading James Redfield’s The Twelfth Insight for the first time during my flight. Travelling alone, and having just read the chapter on Conscious Conversation, I walked out of Schiphol Airport with a spring in my step, my suitcase trundling behind me, feeling certain that an exciting adventure lay ahead. My energy was high, and with an hour to pass, I chose to go for a coffee in Amsterdam before the next leg of my journey.

Walking into a coffeehouse, I wondered if I might meet someone I could practice Conscious Conversation with, and no more than five minutes passed before a man asked if he could share my table (not in a chat-up kind of way, there just weren’t many free seats). I agreed, immediately wondering if I was meant to talk to him and if Synchronicity was at work.

It didn’t take long before we were chatting. I soon learned he was a Computer Programmer from India, and when he asked what I did for a living, I said I was a writer. When I then told him that I wrote about Spirituality, it was like a light was suddenly switched on inside of him. His energy visibly surged, and he went on to monologue for at least half an hour, sharing the most amazing spiritual insights with me – it was as if he’d been sent to tell me the exact things I’d needed to hear at that time.

I recall reaching for my notebook at one stage to write some of his wisdom down, but he asked me not to, and implored me to stay fully present with him, trusting that I would remember everything I was meant to. So, I did as he asked. Then, as he continued to talk, a small, white feather materialised above our table, drifted down in front of his face, and settled on his lap. He seemed not to notice, and I was too polite to break his flow to acknowledge it. I knew speaking about it was unnecessary, and simply seeing the feather fall was significant. In a small, smoky coffee-house, there was nowhere that feather could have come from. It was miraculous, and I will always be grateful for that day: it marked the start of my career – assuring me that I was on the right path – and I went on to have the most successful research trip I could have ever imagined. Trusting Our Intuition Clearly, receiving spiritual messages is a hugely personal thing, and I’ve come to realise that I don’t need anyone to agree with me to know the things that have happened to me were incredible. All I can do is put my experiences out there, and let Synchronicity do its thing, whilst hopefully giving assurance to others who’ve experienced such miraculous moments that they’re not alone. Yes, things happen to us ordinary folk which are not currently explained by science, but I reason that’s a side-effect that we can expect to continue as we become conscious of our evolution. Our human experiences will continue to out-run science, and the text books will always have to play catch up. As we discover new elements of life – finding the ‘more’ that we’ve been searching for – our written records of the phenomena experienced will naturally expand. When we all share our stories, I believe we will have so many testimonies that the concept of receiving messages from other dimensions could never be doubted.

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