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The Battle Of Love And Fear

Dear Human,

I’m writing to tell you that many of you are currently functioning at a level which is not that much higher than sleep.   You are raised in societies that tell you what to do from the second you comprehend their words - I never intended it to be this way.    I gave you Free Will, but it was not my intention for you to use this against each other, to battle for energy in the ways that you do.

When I designed you, there were others who told me my idea would never work and there is no doubt you’ve inherited your stubbornness from me.  When I developed my prototypes of the human race, I was ridiculed by some; I was told I would never be able to give you both Consciousness and Free Will without you becoming self-destructive.  

I was young when I first dreamt of you.  There had been many classes before mine who had created life on planets, but when I saw the Earth I knew this would be the perfect habitat for you and I devoted my life to creating the programming to realise my vision.  My parents told me I had become obsessed when I toiled over your designs incessantly, but I couldn’t be any other way.  I had an abundance of energy when it came to your concept and I couldn’t switch you off in my mind.

When my designs were finalised, I presented you to the multiverse's Security Review Panel and told them of my plans.  I explained the concepts of your spirit, your body and the vibrational frequency that you would be set at.   I explained the self-regenerative atoms I would use to ensure that your bodies would heal themselves if you got injured and detailed how you would be self-sufficient in your lives.  I proposed that I would place your species in four different locations on the Earth and explained how I had created your skin colour in four different shades to protect you from the differing elements you would face.   I assured the Panel that your skin colour would be the only difference in your formatting and that underneath your facade your makeup was exactly the same – I told them of how this uniform coding would ensure that none of you would have any advantage over each other and that you would have no need to fight amongst yourselves.  I explained the element I had invented called Love that would be the essence of your being and demonstrated that the more Love you embodied the higher your energy vibrated.

In addition to the frequency of humanity, I had developed a multitude of other dimensions to be located on the same planet that would serve as a journey for you and ensure that you were  given reason for being when you were brought to consciousness.  I showed diagrams of how each dimension would exist at a different frequency, and how following the expiration of your bodies your soul energy would migrate to the next level.  I also demonstrated gateway coding I’d invented that would allow you to transcend to the next level of existence once your soul energy was perfectly aligned to the algorithms of Love, without needing to wait for death as an opportunity to ascend.

Although there were several elders who raised objections and pointed out there were possible oversights within my designs, the majority consented and approval was given.  They instructed that as you were to have Free Will, I musn’t personally intervene with you after your implementation, for any exertion of my presence would naturally influence you and could hinder the development of your intuition. 

I launched into my project with an abundance of enthusiasm.  I concentrated first on the human frequency, putting each human format into a corner of the earth.  I ensured you were all near water and that you had the appropriate seeds required to grow your food.  I then created the spiritual dimensions and set each vibrational level with the utmost mathematical precision.  I used veils to separate the dimensions, ensuring that each would not be found until your personal frequency had elevated to the required level.

Unfortunately for us, in addition to my own efforts with your creation, there has always existed an opposing force which has continued to seek to sabotage my work.  I always understood the law of Duality would draw my nemesis out of their hiding place, but I vowed never to let their presence deter me from my ambitions.   Since your implementation, we have suffered many attacks from this force where they have hacked into the coding of your dimension and introduced what I will term the viruses of Pride, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony and Lust.  All these viruses were introduced to destabilise your existence and they all share one thing in common, they were all created using the operating system of Fear.

While I ask that you try to comprehend that I can always protect you, I understand the nature of Fear that my opponent has waged within you and how this can blind you to my existence and the power that I have.   You must know now that my greatest creation of all has been Love, not the human body as Pride will lead you to hypothesize.  Your bodies are only a temporary casing that is required to contain your energy while you are on the physical plane.  Love is at the base of all of my creations and there has been nothing of the same calibre created since.  While my nemesis is no doubt highly talented in his programming skills, he uses a dark undercurrent to energise his work.  His programs steal the energy of others for they do not radiate any of their own.  There is no light at the centre of his viruses and for this reason they cannot endure long-term -  they are dependent upon absorbing external energies in order to sustain their flow.  Once these viruses consume an entity, they set a spiralling energy in motion which ultimately leads to self-destruction; once the core energy is extinct, the virus itself ceases to exist for it has no host to carry it.   Love is not like this.  The energy of Love exists in the form of a wavelength that flows continuously around your planet and all the dimensions surrounding it.  Love exists in its own right and it was a very special project that I created before humanity and the spiritual dimensions.

At this stage in my journey, I do not worry that Love can be sabotaged as the security of Love will always remain imperishable and impenetrable; however, I am at this point concerned for your safety as human beings.  Since your implementation, I have been back to the Review Panel on many occasions to seek permission to assist you.  Rarely am I given authority to proceed, as the law of Free Will still stands firm - I am regularly reminded that I was warned from the outset of the laws I must abide.

One time I did have great success with the Panel was just after we suffered the first hack, when Fear itself was first introduced into your coding.  With your equilibrium suddenly significantly unbalanced, I presented a case for introducing my latest invention into Earth, the Angels.  I explained that while I had attempted to study the makeup of Fear at the core level, it was like nothing I had ever seen before.  I did not know how to solve the problem at the root, but as a fix, I proposed that Angels could be introduced to mediate the problem at the surface level.  I explained how Angels were the first beings that I had ever been able to make using only pure Love, they contained no water or physical elements in their form but existed only as conscious energies of light.  I demonstrated to the Panel how, like Fear, Angels could temporarily inhabit the physical body of a human to do their work and I ventured that this ability would be used to fight the Fear attacks.  However, unlike the viruses, Angels would not require a host to permanently exist as their energy is continuous in their own right and they are set at the highest frequency of Love.  To my relief, I was given consent to proceed.

I have returned to the Panel each time my nemesis has claimed his successes on Earth and every time I have implored that I be allowed to contact you directly to give you counsel.  On rare occasions, I have been allowed to use a messenger to bring you word that you should not allow Fear to consume you, that Love can conquer all and to assure you that it is Loving energy with which you were created.   You have often declared these messengers as your prophets and I know you have recognised the truth in their words for I have watched as you have formed your religions in their followings.

I write to you now to tell you directly that there has been an upgrade to Fear, which is now destabilising the human race at an alarming rate.  This upgrade has rendered Greed out of control and for this reason, I have been granted this rare privilege of contacting you once again.  This time rather than using a physical being to carry my message during a lifetime, I have sought to make use of the technology you have created to send my words out in written form.  By using the communication channels that you have so successfully developed, I believe I now have the opportunity to reach out much further than one physical being ever could.  I need this message to cascade rapidly and cannot wait for generations to spread the message by mouth - thankfully, you now have the infrastructure in place to make this possible. 

I have no idea if I will ever be allowed to contact you again, so please for this moment take heed and listen, listen like you have never listened before and I will tell you how to achieve safety.  I understand many of you are scared and there is no doubt you are all suffering as a result of the viruses and their physical creations on Earth.  I will use this opportunity to explain the Fear system to you, so you may fully comprehend the nature of your attacker.  You must know your enemy if you are to defeat them.

As a species you are now very advanced in both science and spirituality, so I believe you are ready to now combat the viruses yourselves – with wisdom, I realise this was the only true resolution ever available as the programming of Free Will could never be unpicked – I have always been and will always be unable to defeat Fear for you.

To eradicate the viruses you must understand how they operate, so we will take each one in turn so that you may comprehend their structure: 

Pride functions by instiling self-doubt.  It is the Fear that you are not good enough in your own being.  The goal of this virus is to make you overcompensate by taking Pride in your accomplishments, thinking your achievements prove you to be a better person. 

Envy operates by causing you to compare yourselves to others and urges you to believe that they are having a better experience in life than you are, this implants Fear and destabilises you at your core.

Wrath uses Fear to instil the belief in you that you are losing control of your surroundings, that others are not giving you the energy you require and this sends pulses through you that urge you to behave erratically.

Sloth is a virus which takes Fear and transforms it into a lack of self-belief, it takes away your confidence to succeed, rendering you immobile and unable to contribute as you should.

Greed and Gluttony both instil Fear and cause you to doubt that the Earth can provide for you, they implore you to take more than your fair share to ensure your continued comfort.  Because of the law of Duality, if one person has too much another person must, in turn, have too little – this aspect of universal programming is currently hanging heavily over your race, as Poverty is being imposed through Greed.

Lust uses Fear to lure you into a state where you experience false highs.   These highs are actually the energy of Fear, building to a peak as the lust experience plays out, but then once the moment has passed your vibrational levels drops down into a trough that is lower than the energy you started with.  Lust encourages you believe that you cannot achieve euphoria in any other way and so implants a cyclical pattern of behaviour of seeking Lust and losing more energy.

To combat each of these viruses I have been allowed to introduce the additional human programs I’ve created of Patience, Charity, Chastity, Humility, Kindness, Diligence and Temperance into your existence  - all of these use the operating system of  Love.  Once these programs were in place I had successfully combatted each of the viruses, in theory.  My challenge however remains Free Will, as I cannot force you to use these programs. 

There are too many of you now who are consumed with Fear viruses and unless you free yourselves from these, I promise you, you will self-destruct as a species.  There have been many other live projects undertaken where Free Will has been their downfall, and I don’t want this to happen to you -  you have so much potential, I’m not prepared to just stand by and watch you die.

There is much work for you to do to ensure comfort for your futures generations and it will take immense strength from all of you to shut down Fear.  I recognise your energy levels are weakened through wars, terror and crisis but I urge you to take Meditation as your strongest weapon against Fear.  Meditation is now well practiced across the world and there are huge numbers of you that already recognise that this is a way to tap into the divine energy of Love.  Love is the strongest current that you have access to in human form; you must access it by going within yourself and through this you will become stronger than any being consumed by Fear.  You must study Meditation and practice it daily to raise your vibrational level to your highest potential.

To achieve safety you must avoid the trap that Greed calls ‘profit’.  The currencies you have created, while useful, are currently being sabotaged by Greed and while you don’t need to drop money completely, you do need to renounce profits and each only take what you truly need.  If you take more than your fair share of resources, this creates an imbalance and as Duality will always level the scales, another being will be forced to go without.  The more extreme the Greed, the more extreme the Poverty that is created and the more Fear that exists.   I did not create corporations, class systems, governments or weapons,  Humanity did under the subconscious influence of Fear – these are not in keeping with your true nature and they are your current downfall.  You must abandon them all.

There must be no killing.  I created every life equally and let me assure you it is not your place to judge which life is more important than another.  You are wiping out all the other beautiful creatures that have been created on Earth and you are doing this through Fear.  You are not respecting the animals you eat as conscious beings and I will tell you now firmly, this must stop before the planet Earth evicts you of her own accord.

You must also clean up after yourselves, your room in the universe is now hellishly messy and while you live in this dimension you must take proper care of it.  You must ensure your waste is managed in ways that do not harm the Earth.  You are polluting your home and I do not need to tell you how dangerous this is. The products you create must not cause environmental damage – I assure you there is nothing you could possibly need more than the great rainforests of Earth;  they were one of the core reasons that Earth was the perfect place for you as they create the abundance of oxygen you require.  There is no other planet that you may inhabit as a species and

you must look after the one you’ve got.

While I understand your theories justifying you drilling into the Earth and I do applaud you on the diligence you’ve undertaken to develop your industries, I must be firm here too and tell you it is time that you change your methods of generating electricity.  I assure you there is more than enough energy available above the ground level that is free for you to channel – there was never any need for you to drill – without profits and Greed sabotaging your energy generation, you will find it in abundance.  Energies will come to you naturally if you put your generators in the right locations and use varying methods across the planet to harness the different sources available.

If you don’t change your ways, Fear will continue to increase and your energy will decrease until you are no more.  But please, Fear not, I am here.  I need you to turn to me now and for once and all truly comprehend what you are made of.  You are made with Love which is the strongest element that exists – you do not currently have this on your periodic table, but you should – just because you can not see it, that does not mean you can not use your other senses to confirm it exists.

I know you find the materialist aspects of your world unfulfilling, but that’s only because you already know there is so much more.  Through your investigations into science you have learned much about your place in the multiverse and you are just beginning to glimpse how much more is out there.  There are many of you who have already raised your vibrational level through spiritual development and many communities on Earth have already collectively transcended to the next dimension without the aid of death.

I know you are frustrated by space travel and you desire to go further than your technology currently allows, so here I will tell you a little about how you are created and the position you are in.  When you are looking out to space and wondering how to get there, you can be confident that you are not able to travel there in your human body – it is not designed to function in outer space, nor are you provided with the sustenance you require once you are out there.  I thought this would have been obvious to you when I created you, but now I see you continuing to struggle in the wrong direction I feel you need to be pointed in the right one.  You can leave Earth and perform astral travel whilst you are human, but to do this you must first go within through Meditation and connect with me.  If your energy is aligned perfectly to Love, you will be rewarded with the opportunity of leaving your body temporarily to experience other dimensions.  Unless your energy is perfectly in tune, the gateway will not open up in your programming -  going out of body would be a danger to you and other dimensions as your soul would not be ready to cope the experience.

Please know that you are not alone.  I am here.  I have always been here and you can talk to me at any time.  You are very bright beings and I love you very much.  While you have much to do, there are billions of you to do the work and I’m sure by now that you fully understand the principle of sharing.  You must share your most precious resources now, which are your time and your energy.  Only human effort has any value as a currency to trade.  You all need each other and I encourage you to work locally within your communities to work yourselves out of Fear and create a sustainable future that is harmonious with the Earth.   You are gentle creatures and there is no doubt you are susceptible to Fear, but you are also incredibly strong – you have lived and you have learned through your generations.  When you close yourself off through fear you are vulnerable; when you open yourself up to Love you are strong.  When you Love each other you are stronger still and you can successfully come together to remove the threat of Fear. 

Due to the humanitarian catastrophes that have happened to you of late, there is a significant portion of you who are currently without homes or stability in your lives, the rest of you who remain comfortable in your homes must utilise the programs of Charity and Kindness to compensate for the damage that has been caused and re-balance your societies.

You have a choice, as always, but please know that I am constantly doing everything within my power to assist from the other side.   While Fear is stronger than ever now, I have an army of Angels who are temporarily using host bodies around the world to bring you the answers and inventions you require.  Listen to them and please listen to me.  I only ever have your best interests at heart

I love you dearly.

Your Creator  (your alphabet does not permit me to successfully translate the sound of my name, so please call me what you wish)

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