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Together, We Are The Critical Mass

By Joanne-Louise Hardy and James Redfield

Amidst the turbulence of 2020, in societies challenged to isolate and distance themselves from the people they love, something beautiful is happening: out of the chaos, a new level of heightened consciousness is emerging.

A great number of souls are focusing deeply on developing themselves with inspiration and are holding their firm intention to leave the world in a better condition than they now find it. Rising up from all corners of the globe, modern-day heroes are stepping forward with love in their hearts. And, in this flow of energy, this Critical Mass of Consciousness is birthing the new world.

However, as we move forward and life presents us with challenges, our higher energy level can, at times, be hard to maintain. Inner struggles, anxieties, angers, or hurts can tempt us all into falling back into old paradigms, old coping devices, and old unhealthy patterns driven by the ego. In houses with doors locked and curtains closed, we can sometimes feel lonely, and we might struggle to see the millions of others who are journeying through the same thing, whilst underlying fears can stifle our soul from shining in its natural light.

Yet, we are far from alone.

We see being part of a healthy support group is integral to the overall well-being of the Critical Mass. And no matter which communities you enjoy participating in, as your community expands, you have the chance to see very clearly that you are not alone. You receive the feeling that you are part of something bigger than yourself, and this brings with it a sense of security which gives energy to our spiritual grounding. Communities can be found amongst families, neighbourhoods, workplaces, shared interest groups, support groups and so on, and they can be of varying sizes, but what’s important is that there is a synergy between participants and a nurturing environment created when people gather together.

As part of a healthy community, our level of daily contentment can become elevated. As we travel our path, shoulder to shoulder with others, we see people all walking through the journey of Actualization alongside us, all at varying speeds and with varying levels of confidence. Through the depths of Conscious Conversation with our peers, we can feel the energy of others who are shining, and with our own energy, we help to uplift everyone we come into contact with. Consciousness is contagious. By sharing our positive energy within our communities, we can ignite sparks of inspiration in others. In return, we receive ideas which give us truth-bumps, making us shiver in resonance, and we sense in our heart that we’re in a good place.

Together, across the world right now, we see that a new model of living is emerging from a place beyond the ego—where the levels of Inspiration Energy we each attain is becoming our measure for our spiritual growth. As we break through the challenges that face our societies, we are holding a Celestine Vision of a future where the act of giving energy to others—along with intuitively sharing key lessons we’ve learned from our individual path—will become the primary style of interaction in our conscious world. In this way, we all seek to provide a key Synchronicity for others, as they seek to become a Synchronicity for us—all without any psychological need to be agreed with or affirmed.

Once we experience a Spiritual awakening and sense the importance of personal Growth, we realize that life is an adventure of awakening where we allow ourselves to be intuitively guided on a journey, and where we know that each of us is here for an inspired purpose. By sharing our Inspiration Energy within our communities all around the world, we can uplift each other and pool our varied talents to build a better, healthier world we all want to see.

At Celestine Vision, we see it is our mission to assist the Critical Mass in coming together, to find strength in sharing life within a healthy community. And this is why we’ve decided to launch the online Celestine Community—a private social networking and learning platform—where people can meet, talk, inspire, and simply ‘be’ in friendship, connecting with others from all over the world. With our individual Truths underpinning the foundations of the Community we create, it is our vision that the sacred space we open together will be held in a great ethical light, as a place where we can discuss questions, missions, and events; to learn with each other without fear of judgement. A place where we can help each other to find the answers we seek, where everyone encourages each other, and we aim to raise the global vibration.

To nurture our community to the best of our ability, James and our Celestine Team members will host regular Live Events designed to assist you in raising your inspiration energy, discussing the concepts in the Celestine books and finding your peace. We’ll support the conversations that you want to have, ensuring the space remains aligned with the vision of a brighter future.

We invite you to consider joining us in the Celestine Community, today, where we’ll be discussing our Conscious Evolution and how we can each break through to our highest creative flow.

Together, across our varied communities all over the world, We Are The Critical Mass. So let’s keep going in our shared mission to heal the world; we’re all in this together.

In Unity,

The Celestine Vision Team.

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