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Waking Up To Corruption

When we experience a spiritual breakthrough in life, we can assess what’s really happening to us is that we’re transcending the dimension that we exist within, and that our reality is changing as our mental clarity sharpens.

When we live solely in the material world of the ego, our feet are planted firmly within the third dimension. Then, suddenly, we receive information which enables us to break-out of this existence. And this moment normally occurs after an event triggers a psychoactive response within us, such as reading The Celestine Prophecy! We are assured that, yes, we are soul energy, encased within human bodies – we recognise we are so much more than flesh and blood – and it makes so much sense! As we transition realities, with our eyes wide open, we step forward into a new world view. And often this is shortly followed by a sharp shock to the system as we view all the corruption that exists out there with our heightened perception.

Once we start caring for humanity and Planet Earth on a soul level, we may see trauma and injustice everywhere we look. We can become distraught by the behaviour of others and the destruction caused by corporations and those hungry for profit and success, seemingly at any cost. With our new perspective, we bear witness to activities we see are detrimental to the health of our beautiful planet, and it’s easy to find fault with just about every industry that is not operating by a green, ethical code.

In this state, it is easy to become obsessed with venturing down the rabbit-hole, trying to locate the worst perpetrators of all the injustice we see. We may get on our soap-box at any given opportunity to try to raise awareness of all of the problems that we’re discovering and pinpointing with vigour. And I believe this activity is healthy, it’s part of our spiritual growth, and it does serve the greater good. But as we try to share our research, we can cause negative effects (even though we strive for positive outcomes), as we preach to the unconverted, and rattle cages with what could be perceived as ‘holier-than-thou’ opinions.

But we want to save the world, right!?

We want Peace amongst nations, and for humans all over the world to know Freedom. We see the rainforests being cut down for cattle farming and palm oil plantations – and for what reason? Fast food and supermarket products that we don’t even really need? It’s CRAZY! We may research the governments, the banking industry, and illuminati. We look at the way animals are mistreated under the term ‘Live Stock’. And we watch the debt clock grow ever bigger with every second that passes, while bonuses are handed out to those who already seem to have more money than sense. We research the weapons manufacturing industry, and we start to see war and terrorism as a money making business, whilst civilians, who are no different to you and me, lose their families, homes and livelihoods as the effect. And we are outraged! How dare other humans with hearts and minds deliver such corruption and manipulation to serve their own back-pockets?  It’s beyond our comprehension how this behaviour can exist in a world where there is so much natural beauty and love. We think we must act now!

So we may sign petitions, we spread the word and do whatever we can to change the status quo. And it’s true, there is much action to be taken. However, whilst we are in this panicked state, rushing around to try to put right everything we see that’s wrong, there is a negative energy that we are creating ourselves, as we’re shouting from the roof-tops how terrible everything is! We cannot bear it any longer and we believe everyone must WAKE UP!! We are pained, we see the Earth is suffering, and our own turmoil is shaking us at our core as we try to deliver and manifest world peace and harmonious living.

At the same time, even though we spout that we shouldn’t judge others, we are judging everything and everyone who isn’t seeing what we see – why aren’t they doing anything? How can people manipulate others? Why do people so willingly believe the mainstream news? How can people tolerate corruption in organisations? And why are they polluting their bodies with all that cancer-triggering produce? We just don’t understand! How can we make them see?! Aaarggh!!!! IT’S ALL SO INTENSE!

But then, with time and more spiritual insights gained, our next spiritual breakthrough naturally occurs – and we begin to evolve to a place where we find our balance. Our energy tempers, so all our inner turmoil is replaced by Love.

Positive Change Occurs When We Embody Loving Awareness

In the Celestine Prophecy, we learn that Control Dramas are overcome by ‘naming the game’ and giving Loving energy. If we step to a control drama in outrage, we worsen the situation, for our own energy is unbalanced. Yes, problems exist out there that must be rectified, but when we step into complete faith in the Divine, we become balanced by embodying Loving Awareness. We realise that we are all connected, and that there is a Collective Human Soul.

If we want positive change to occur, we know the only place we can make a true difference is by changing our Self. We start with the man in the mirror; we analyse our own behaviour, and state that if we want peace to exist, it’s peaceful energy we must pour out. We cannot be a tyrant, spouting everything that is wrong with the world, as that itself is negative behaviour – and negative behaviour in any embodiment will deliver negative results. We must encourage positive Change lovingly and with grace.

If we shout from the rooftops about the injustice that we see, we may irritate others who don’t see the same things, whilst giving the perpetrators who we point our fingers at more energy, as they consider if they must raise their game to silence us. The negative energy continues in a battle of who can muster the most power… And through this mechanism, Peace can never win, as someone is always antagonised.

We can affirm that only Love has the strength to overcome humanity’s issues and the destructive practices that pollute the Earth. When we embody Love, and give loving energy to everyone we know, we raise the collective vibrational level. We must manifest positive change with Loving Awareness, casting light onto shadows, and forming alliances with others who seek the same change. And together we change the game, knowing success is measured by happiness,  rather than numbers in a bank account.

When we embody Love, we realise that living in this vibrational state is the most enjoyable place to be, and despite all the craziness that exists out there, we are in complete control of our own life – no one has the power to bring us down apart from ourselves. No matter what surprises life throws at us, we can choose to stay grounded by our own inner light. And we choose happiness over turmoil, trusting that as our own light grows and shines, that the same light is being emitted from millions of others at the same time.

And as we each live ethically and in an enlightened manner, serving the greater good through our own roles, we uplift the planet through our conscious evolution. With Love, Honesty, and Gratitude underpinning every action we make, every conversation we have, and every thought we put out into the universe, gradually, Loving Awareness becomes king and we will each find our personal sovereignty. And through nurturing the planet, each other, and ourselves, we will finally step into World Peace.

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